Choose a Competitive or Non-competitive Fundraising Campaign

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Competition or No Competition? You Choose When LobbitUp launched not too long ago, we showcased our online fundraising tool with a competitive twist. Our competitive model is one fundraising campaign with multiple causes, where the causes compete for a bonus payout. Donors choose which causes they want to support. And […]

What is Crowdfunding?

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Crowdfunding is a powerful method of raising money that has gained much popularity in recent years because of its convenience, effectiveness and ubiquitous accessibility. So what exactly is crowdfunding and why has it garnered such global popularity? Crowdfunding has been analogized to passing the offering plate around at church: Rather […]

Multi-Cause Fundraising for Non-Profits

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Why another fundraising platform? Most non-profits have many more needs and projects than funding, and are so in a real dilemma when it comes to fundraising: Either trying to raise funds one-by-one for all needs and projects and wear out the donor base, or to pick the one cause with […]

LobbitUp Interviews: A Conversation with Dr. Charles Filipi of Hernia Repair for the Underserved

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  We were recently privileged to chat with Dr. Charles Filipi, Chairman of the nonprofit organization Hernia Repair for the Underserved. Our conversation is below.   LobbitUp:  How did Hernia Repair for the Underserved get started? Dr. Filipi:  It was really started with the influence of our son Joe Filipi […]

Sports Fundraiser with Friendly Competition Off the Field

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Isn’t it odd – while our kids compete and have fun with their sports activities, fundraising with the parents is the same old boring have-to-do that everyone dreads. We just write another check and hope that was the last one for the season. And in most cases we don’t even […]

School Fundraising with a Competitive Twist (Part 2)

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We hope you already followed our Part 1 on our blog and have seen how schools can use LobbitUp to fundraise for multiple projects, and how these projects can compete for donations and a bonus payout. But that’s not all schools can do with LobbitUp. Most traditional fundraisers still leave […]

School Fundraising with a Competitive Twist (Part 1)

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We’ve all been there. Your son or daughter’s school is asking you yet again for your help but you’re just not in the mood for another magazine subscription, and the scale in your bathroom just doesn’t help motivate you to buy more cookie dough. And have you ever wondered what […]

A Crowdfunding Campaign Roadmap: Tips and Tricks to Build Your Crowd

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  Dear Crowdfunding Campaign Organizer, As you are getting ready to start your campaign on LobbitUp, let us share with you a few things that we found critical to a well-run crowdfunding campaign. Like the word ‘crowdfunding’ already suggests, you need a crowd to get funding. It’s almost like your […]

Friendly Competition Works

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Scott Meacham, founder and Executive Director of Transformed Relationships, had never before considered crowdfunding as a fundraising option for his nonprofit organization. After his positive experience completing a successful LobbitUp crowdfunding campaign last month, he says he can’t wait to run another one. “The Lobbitup staff made the entire campaign […]