1. All Aboard - Raise money for ALL of your causes in ONE fundraising campaign. Finally, everybody has a choice - donors have the freedom to give to causes they care most about. And fundraisers can raise money for a diversity of real needs. These giving options allow fundraisers to share more about their causes with their community, and donors get to see where their money goes. LobbitUp is the place where giving meets opportunities.

2. Friendly Competition - Because most of us have a naturally competitive spirit, we want to win. And when your donation has a chance to win a bonus payout for your favorite cause, that is a lot more fun than ‘just giving money’. Here, you see immediate results of your giving efforts, and you’re rewarded for them! And LobbitUp helps you to be even more competitive by sharing your causes with your community and friends.

3. Pumped Up Payout - Before the fundraising event even starts, the organizer of the campaign determines what percentage of all money collected for all causes goes to each rank once the event ends. Causes that receive more pledges will rank higher and so compete for a higher share of all collected funds, because higher ranking causes will have a higher payout percentage (e.g., 1st place gets 60% of all funds, 2nd place gets 25%.…). So it’s like voting with money, where the causes with the most votes/highest amount of pledges rank highest. Watch for the percentages in your campaign and move your cause up to get a pumped up payout.

4. Everyone Wins - The best thing about LobbitUp competition is that everyone wins. Campaigns win because donors will come back many times to give more, and so help their favorite cause win big. And donors win because they have a choice which cause to fund, and help their favorite cause even more with a bonus payout. And even if someone’s cause comes in third or fourth place, the funds still go to the campaign and the organization. So get started and make your campaign or cause a winner!