You don't have to take our word alone to believe that LobbitUp works. Have a look at the numbers below from all of the *internal test campaigns run and see for yourself what our donors and organizers think. In fact, we’re so proud of it that we call it our ‘bragging rights’.

Return Donors

Over all of the *internal test campaigns run on LobbitUp, 67% of all first-time donors came back for a second donation, 35% came back for a third donation, and 12% came back for a fourth, fifth, or subsequent donation. In total, 67% of all donors turned into return donors. We call that motivated donors!

Money Raised

Over all of the *internal test campaigns run on LobbitUp, for every $100 pledged, an extra $80 were given by our donors in a second donation, a further $45 in a third donation, and an additional $24 were given in a third or subsequent donation. In total, for every $100 given in a first donation, $149 more dollars were raised in subsequent donations. We call that a success!


With numbers like that, it is easy to see that a little friendly competition among causes turns what used to be another boring giving obligation into a passionate race. You see your donation make a difference, and quite possibly a big difference. And what’s more, you can make the difference to the cause that you like best. So, the more you give, the more you give.

*Actual results may vary